12 Sets of Your Fave YouTube Stars You Didn’t Know Were Roommates, Too

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When choosing the perfect roommate, it’s important that you find someone who will understand your lifestyle to avoid unnecessary conflict… which probably explains why so many bandmates decided to move in together, too. The same formula obviously holds true for YouTube stars, as well, because many of your favorite video influencers have also shacked up with each other!

Whether they decided to make the big move to Los Angeles together, or choose to buy a joint place after already developing a relationship, the following YouTubers all ditched their hometowns to move in with a fellow YT creator. And before you start asking us where some of your fave family Vloggers such as the Shaytards and ItsJudysLife are on this list, we decided to leave married couples off the list, because DUH; of course they live together!