15 YouTubers Who Were SHOOK by Shane Dawson’s TanaCon Videos

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Shane Dawson practically broke the Internet when he released his video “The Truth About Tanacon.” After Tana Mongeau‘s convention hardcore flopped, both fans and fellow YouTubers were left wondering WTF actually happened that weekend, and the king of YouTube was able to get to the bottom of it.

Although the 29-year-old wasn’t heavily involved in the planning of the failed convention, his name was attached to the event, and a lot of people bought tickets just to see him. When everything started going downhill, he was extremely outspoken on Twitter, way more than Tana. And being the conspiracy theorist that he is, he had lots of questions. How many people really were there? Who’s fault was it? Was it really all just a scam?

He quickly began filming a three-part series in order to answer those questions. He spoke to people who attended TanaCon, people who got stuck outside, Michael Weist, the founder of the event’s host company, Good Times, and, of course, Tana herself. Needless to say, the three-part series was a wild ride, and each video had everyone on the edge of their seats. Shane had all of his fellow creators hooked, and a bunch of them tweeted their reactions.