7 Famous YouTubers Who ~Quit~ YouTube Because of a Mental Illness

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On the Internet, it’s easy to project the image of a beautiful, yet not necessarily realistic lifestyle. Lots of YouTubers, Instagram stars and plain old celebrities do it every single day, and fans often don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s not hard for famous folk, especially Internet influencers, to convince their viewers that everything in their lives is perfect, because they choose what they want their subscribers to see.

In recent years, mental health and wellness has become a hot topic of conversation among influential people, and at the root of the movement is YouTube. Many YouTubers are using their powers for good by speaking up about their own struggles and experiences with mental illness. The following is a list of YT celebs who actually stepped away from the video-sharing platform for days, weeks, and even months, because of psychological disorders, and eventually returned to raise awareness about getting help.