7 YouTubers Who Only Got Famous Because of Their YouTube Bestie

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YouTube stars’ power is getting stronger by the minute. Whether they’re pushing fans to buy a product, or promoting a new television series, basically anything they talk about is guaranteed to be touched with a magic wand of success. And this power isn’t just limited to things — it works for people, too!

You now know the name Mark Ferris quite well, but before he met his best friend, Zoe Sugg, he was barely getting 1000 views per video on YT. Niomi Smart wouldn’t have even started her channel (which now has over 1 million subscribers, BTW) without the help of her then-boyfriend/BFF, Marcus Butler. We’re not saying these video-creators would’ve never found success without the help of their already famous pals, but their level of fame def skyrocketed quicker than normal because of them.