Two YouTube Stars Arrested for Inviting Children to Participate in Illegal Activities

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Well, it looks like Tana Mongeau‘s not the only popular YouTuber getting into trouble with the law as of late — there are at least two others who are on the wrong end of the law this week, and they are Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby.

If you don’t know them by their given names, perhaps you know them by their YouTube channels, respectively, NepentheZ, which boasts over 1.3 million subscribers, and FutGalaxy, which is currently defunct, but once quite popular. Together or apart, the YT stars have acquired a massive following. Unfortunately for them, that means there are plenty of opportunities for them to influence millions of minors, too.

According to Wired, Craig and Dylan have been charged with “promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling” by the UK Gambling Commission. The former is also being charged with “inviting children to gamble,” while the latter is being charged with “the provision of facilities for gambling.” It is considered to be the first case involving betting on video games, meaning this could set the precedent for future proceedings.

Currently, the case is adjourned until October 14. But, considering that the global market for video-game betting is estimated to be worth over $5.2 BILLION, we’re guessing these guys are going to be receiving more than a simply slap on the wrist.
Of course, this is nowhere near as awful as the YouTubers who were accused of sexual harassment and/or rape: