7 YouTubers Who Made Videos About ~Pulling a Kylie~ & Getting Lip Injections

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The popularity of lip injections has basically blown up in the past couple of years, with stars like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and, of course, Kylie Jenner admitting to going under the needle to enhance their lips. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting work done, a lot of people in the public eye still choose to not comment on their cosmetic surgeries because of the stigma that continues regarding having a doctor boost your looks.

The ridicule these stars face because of plastic surgery is seriously insane, but more than a couple of YouTube stars know that haters are gonna hate, no matter what, and decided to just come out and be open about their decision to plump their pout via the needle. Honesty IS the best policy, plus, the increased desire for a fuller mouth (especially among young people) means that they can use their fan base to give some NECESSARY info to those considering getting the same cosmetic procedure done themselves.