Popular YouTuber ReSet Faces Up to 2 Years in Prison for Toothpaste Prank

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Perhaps it’s time to put a ban on YouTube pranks; too many people are getting hurt all for the sake of video views. Most recently, a 20-year-old YouTube star named ReSet offered toothpaste-filled Oreos to a homeless man, which caused an immediate reaction… of vomiting.

Let us paint the scene for you a bit: In January 2017, ReSet (real name Kanghua Ren) posted footage of himself removing the cream filling from five Oreos and replacing the delicious, edible substance with toothpaste. Following that, he went out on the street and handed a homeless man, identified by prosecutors as “George L,” some money along with a package of the compromised Oreos. Naturally, the man ate the treats. To that, ReSet said:

“Maybe I’ll have spent a little, but look on the bright side: This will help you clean your teeth. I think he has not cleaned them since he became poor.”

While you may think that it’s not a big deal — heck, you may even find it funny, like ReSet did — but toothpaste is not intended to be swallowed for a reason, as it’s filled with fluoride. Though not generally harmful if accidentally swallowed in small amounts, ingesting a large amount can prove to be detrimental… and it was for George.

YouTuber ReSet faces prison

YouTube (ReSet)

“I got sick after five minutes and threw up,” the man claimed (via The Independent).

But it doesn’t seem like the social media personality has any empathy or sympathy for his fellow human. “People exaggerate over jokes in the street (played) on a beggar, when surely if it’s done to a normal person they wouldn’t say anything,” he said.

Following the outcry, Kanghua, who currently has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, deleted the footage, and even reportedly offered George around €300 (~$368) to remain silent in an effort to “reestablish his image” and “ingratiate himself with public opinion.” However, prosecutors estimate the video earned the YT star €2,180 (~$2,675) from advertising alone, so how would that be fair? In any case, we’re sure the culprit agrees that the prank was definitely not worth it now, as he’s reportedly been charged with a crime against moral integrity. He’s currently out on bail, but if he’s convicted, he faces up to two years in prison, plus he could be ordered to pay the victim €30,000 (~$36,825) in compensation. Again, this was all for #content.