Teen.com Readers Voted for Their Favorite YouTuber of 2013!

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The search for Teen.com readers’ Favorite YouTuber of 2013 is officially O-V-E-R. But before we reveal the overall winner — REMINDER: The Top 4 consisted of Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Smosh and Shane Dawson — let us point out that this was the biggest (we’re talkin’, like, 200k+ votes!) and closest survival game to date. Okay, now that we have the settled, this is the moment of truth: The reader-voted fave YT channel belongs to…

…Tyler Oakley! Though Teen host Joey was leading for most of the time, all four of the top scorers tweeted out the game to all of their followers on the same day last week. And just look at each of their follower counts as of this moment:

JoeyGraceffa: 551,190
TylerOakley: 1,063,281
ShaneDawson: 1,362,604
smosh: 1,459,511

You could only vote once per day, and Tyler’s dedicated fans just so happened to come back again and again. But Joey still came in at a close second, with Shane Dawson at #3 and smosh at #4, so everyone should be quite proud. Congrats to all — we love you!

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