YouTube Suspends Ads on Both of Logan Paul’s Channels Following Controversy

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YouTube is taking further steps to ensure Logan Paul suffers fair consequences for his (repeated) stupid actions. Less than a month after YT removed the 22-year-old from Google Preferred, which is a service that “aggregates YouTube’s top content…into easy-to-buy packages for brand advertisers,” the company decided to suspend ALL ads from both his channels completely. This means the former Vine star will not be able to make money on anything he uploads (unless it’s a sponsored video, of course).

“After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s YouTube channels,” YouTube said in a statement this morning. “This is not a decision we made lightly; however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

The pattern of behavior is as follows — First, he uploaded a video that featured the dead body of a man who had committed suicide. He deleted it after a couple days and apologized, but still made money off of everything. He took a break from YouTube for several weeks, but when he came back he quickly got back into his stupid over-the-top ways, joking about the “Tide Pod challenge” and even tasing a dead rat.

When YT first announced that it would be cutting business ties with LP, the company promised to change its policy to make YouTube a safe place.

“We know that the actions of one creator can affect the entire community, so we’ll have more to share soon on steps we’re taking to ensure a video like this is never circulated again,” the statement read.

Logan told Good Morning America that his removal from Google Preferred “hurts,” but isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

“I understand that they needed to take a stance and while I don’t necessarily agree with it, I do respect it,” he explained. “It hurts, but it’s not like I’m drowning. I try not to live my life thinking about money because money doesn’t make me happy — creating and making other people happy makes me happy.”

Hopefully the blond has been saving his millions, because it’s looking like his bank account is going to take a major hit in the upcoming days.