7 YouTube Stars Who Overcame Their Struggle With an Eating Disorder

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Not everyone can make it a YouTuber — trust us, we’ve definitely thought about what would happen if we tried. You’re constantly in front of cameras and open yourself up to be extremely vulnerable to literally millions of people. It’s so tough that even some of the biggest names in YouTube once quit the site that first gave them fame. Although it may seem that being a YT star is all glam and no work, every online sensation has worked super hard to get where they are, even if their sib did give them a few tips and tricks.

One thing that sets YouTubers apart from traditional celebs is how honest they are about their past. From entering rehab, discussing tough break-ups and even opening up about suffering from an eating disorder, nothing is off limits. We rounded up some of the strongest YouTubers who have been vocal about their past struggles and how they were able to overcome it to become the best version of themselves possible. Check out our gallery to see if you recognize someone from your subscribed list!