9 Famous YouTubers Who Broke Free from Social Media to Star on a TV Show

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We are the social media generation. YouTubers and Vine stars are some of today’s biggest names and a lot of the celebrities that we’ve come to know and love got their start on social media, making us feel like we, the followers who shared and liked and commented on their posts, played a special part in getting them discovered. Where would Justin Bieber be without his YT channel, KidRauhl, where he posted videos of himself singing covers of Ne-Yo and Usher songs? Probably nowhere, because it was that very account that caught the attention of Scooter Braun, and the rest is history.

But there is a lot of other talent apart from musicians that you can find on YouTube. Many TV show executives are finding this out and deciding to turn some of our favorite Internet sensations and comedians into the focus of network television. Some of these shows are so mega-successful you probably forgot that the stars began on YouTube, while others keep their online presence so relevant that you could never forget that they are YouTubers deep down. From Netflix, MTV, Comedy Central to Disney: here are 9 big-deal YouTubers who went onto star on a television show!