22 YouTubers Who Broke from the Internet to Star in Feature-Length Films

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Now that Vine is dunzo, YouTube must be protected more than ever. A lot of new celebs get discovered by way of their online presence — whether they get record deals like Shawn Mendes or TV gigs like Darren Criss, the web is an awesome place to find young and fresh talent. Since we, the viewers, have been following them since the beginning, it’s also pretty cool for us to see our favorite ‘Tubers finally make it big in the movie world.

While we already broke down YouTubers who made their way to the small screen, it’s only fair that we show you the awesome YT stars who started on social media and found themselves in theaters (or direct-to-video and digital releases). Unfortunately not many of these flicks were ‘blockbusters’ per say, but it’s still a HUGE deal to go from recording videos in your bedroom to getting called a movie star!