13 of Your Favorite YouTube Stars That Came Out in Their Videos

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YouTube is all about being open and sharing anything and everything that comes to mind. Seriously, YouTubers share EVERYTHING. Remember when Colleen Ballinger-Evans aka Miranda Sings announced her ~pregnancy~ on her channel? How about the time Joey Graceffa introduced the world to his new man after MONTHS of speculation? Basically, this platform is the perfect place to make big announcements.

That being said, perhaps the biggest announcement of them all is when a YT star takes the brave step to come out in a video. To be so open and vulnerable in front of millions is, without question, one of the toughest things a person can do, so all of the YouTubers who have mustered up the courage to share their sexuality with the world deserve some serious kudos. To see which of your faves came out via YT vid, scroll through the gallery now.