6 YouTube Stars Who Got Engaged, But Never Made it Down the Aisle

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There’s a ton of pressure that comes from being a YouTuber in a public relationship. Not only do MILLIONS of fans constantly give their opinions, criticisms, etc., while the YouTube stars are dating, but a whole other realm of drama occurs if they break up. Niomi Smart is happily in a new relaysh, but people constantly ask her about her ex, Marcus Butler. Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens have gone their separate ways and remain friends, but NO ON will stop asking them if they plan on getting back together. Ugh.

To say dating in front of the Internet is tough would be an understatement, so you can only imagine how difficult things get when a couple that was once planning on getting married decide to split before walking down the aisle. While the following YT celebs once had (or put) a ring on it, things didn’t work out in the end and the said ‘HECK NO’ to a wedding.