11 YouTubers Who Only Got Famous Because of Their Sibling’s Channel

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We’ll be the first to say that we have definitely thought about dropping everything and starting a YouTube channel in hopes of becoming part of the rich and elite YT squad. From all the Instagrams, tweets and Snapchats, it looks like so much fun to hang out with your best friends and film yourselves doing silly challenges. Not only do YouTubers make insanely creative videos, but some of our faves have even become best-selling authors, too!

Being YouTube famous definitely has its perks, but sharing the spotlight with a siblings seems to make it even sweeter. There are tons of famous YT sibs (Elle and Blair, Niki and Gabi, etc.), but it can get hard to remember which sibling made the jump to posting online first. We made a list of some of our favorite YouTubers who first found fame thanks to a push from their already well-known sib!