6 YouTubers Who Made a Huge Pregnancy Announcement on YouTube

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We’ll be the first to admit that we spend way too much time on YouTube. From trying to perfect our date night makeup routine to just catching up on some of our favorite YT couples and siblings, it can be easy to forget that we aren’t actually friends with our faves. But even though we don’t know ’em personally, the fact that YouTubers basically reveal all about their personal lives makes things even more tough… especially when something begins with the words ‘Big Announcement.’

Whether they are announcing a new project or opening up about a serious issue, the camera is always rolling for Internet sensations. While some try to keep their private lives separate from their time on YT, others enjoy sharing exciting news. We already rounded up some of the biggest beauty guru’s who announced their pregnancy in an adorable video, but tons of other non-makeup-lovers did the same! From musicians and magicians to hilarious sketch-artists, here are some of our fave pregnancy announcements from popular YouTubers!