YouTube Stars’ Safety Put at Risk After Getting “Trampled” By Hundreds

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Just because they aren’t ~mainstream~ celebrities doesn’t mean YouTube stars don’t get as much attention as people like Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. In fact, when YouTubers step out for events, tours, or even to just grab a coffee, they are (almost always) met with at least a few fans who want to chat. Yes, meeting people who love and support you is amazing, but sometimes the excitement levels go off the chart and the celebs’ safety is put at risk. Unfortunately, many of your favorite video creators now know just how intense things can get.

Multiple YT stars have been traveling around Australia for the AmplifyLIVE Tour for quite some time now, all without a hitch. But when Tyler Oakley, Trevor Moran, Andrea Russett, JC Caylen, Kian Lawley and more landed in Sydney before one of their shows, they were met with a terrifying situation. Hundreds of fans somehow figured out when the group would be landing at the airport, and waited at the travel hub in hopes of meeting their idols. Now, this isn’t something new — celebs are often greeted by groups when they arrive in new places — but apparently, things took a turn for the scary when those waiting began to mob the YouTubers.

Tyler tweeted a long note about how harmful crossing boundaries can be to a person’s mental health.

“The best part of tour is providing a safe & controlled environment is to meet you –- the people who support my stuff & are so kind every day online. The worst part is when boundaries are crossed. And to be honest, sometimes I get a little bummed because we work really hard to make the show/m&g as personal as possible –- and I just wish that could be enough. When people mob at airports & camp out at the hotel, it really makes me feel swallowed whole. Like I talked about in my documentary, our hotel on our is home away from home –- and in my opinion (can’t speak for anyone else) it’s never appropriate to wait outside someone’s home. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you all & understand the excitement, thank you to the 99 percent of you who respect all of this. Just feel like I should articulate how I feel instead of letting it build up inside of me into resentment. That’s all!!”

Other YT stars who were involved with the Sydney airport incident also expressed their concern with overzealous fans.

As they all said, they LOVE meeting people and want to chat with everyone who follows them, but there needs to be a sense of respect for one’s personal space; YouTube stars are people, too!

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