9 YouTube Stars Who Admitted to Looking For Love on Tinder

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The app Tinder is basically the go-to when it comes to online dating for young people. While most probably think celebrities don’t really need to resort to the Internet for a hookup, huge stars like Zac Efron and Hilary Duff have talked about using the app in hopes of finding ~love~. Zac even said that he didn’t get a lot of matches because people suspected that his profile was fake! Ahhh — what we wouldn’t give to see the High School Musical guy on Tinder.

Despite the creation of an app called “YouNow,” which branded itself as Tinder for YouTubers only, a lot of young social media stars are def still using the location based hot-or-not app to meet people. While you’d assume that the majority of YouTube stars are prob on Tinder, but wouldn’t admit it publicly (except JC Caylen, who tweeted last August that he was the only one of his friends who refused to get the software), there are some social media stars who actually owned up to using it.