8 YouTube Stars Who Admitted to Getting a Boob Job in a Video

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Body image is a huge issue among young women and a lot of people have different beliefs on how to improve self-confidence. It’s a tough topic to talk about because so many people have varying opinions on the benefits and damages that come from getting cosmetic surgery. In the end, a person should feel free to do whatever they want with their bodies, but need to always be aware that going under the knife is a serious decision that can be risky.

A lot of Hollywood actors and musicians are open up about their decision to get plastic surgery, but there are still some that continue to deny rumors of nips and ticks, which furthers the negative stigma associated with getting an ‘unnecessary’ procedure.

Despite the controversy surrounding cosmetic operations — particularly boob jobs — a few brave famous women on YouTube have addressed the “elephant in the room” and came clean about their decision to get implants.