6 YouTube Stars Who Got Arrested for Doing the Same Illegal Act

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Given the amount of money that YouTube shells out to their most popular Internet stars (Zoe Sugg, for example, is estimated to make over $60,000 a month), it makes sense that YouTubers are willing to do some crazy things for views. Prank and stunt videos attract a huge number of viewers…which means it’s totally okay to break the law for a vid, right? WRONG!

If anyone ever told you that the stuff you post online would never have IRL consequences, they were straight-up fibbing, particularly when it comes to trespassing. We’re not saying every controversial stunt is going to immediately get you a one-way ticket to the big house (in fact, Tana Mongeau‘s former assistant recently posted a video of her entering the YT star’s residence without permission and no legal actions were taken), but the odds are definitely not in your favor. The six YouTubers on this list all trespassed to make a ~successful~ video and risked jail time and hefty fees in the process.