6 Big-Name YouTube Stars Who Got Arrested in the Past Year

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How many times have you ever watched a video and wondered how your favorite YouTubers don’t get in trouble for all the crazy stuff they do? If you’ve got perpetual bad luck and are always that person who gets in trouble by your teachers or your parents every single time you step even a little bit out of line, then it can be frustrating to watch all the crazy prank videos that exist on the Internet. It’s not like Cameron Dallas grabbing onto a stranger’s hand is a big deal, but seeing him throw a can of paint off of a balcony? That’s a little much, especially when you can’t send one text under your desk without getting detention.

But here’s the thing. No one’s invincible — not even YouTubers that have millions and millions of followers. That balcony stunt Cam pulled? He got arrested for that. And there was no way Roman Atwood was getting away with buying an ATM machine and staging a break-in with fake money. Other YouTubers have been thrown into cop cars for all kinds of things from the commonplace (smoking weed) to the random (flipping over a couple of cops), so don’t think having followers lets you get away with anything and especially don’t try and copy them. Understood?

So last year was basically the year of the YouTube mug shot, and from filing fake police reports and (accidentally?) stealing sweatshirts, six Internet stars were arrested. But don’t count 2017! We managed to round up just as many of your faves who had a run-in with the law in the past year, and the charges are all across the board. There weren’t any Hollywood sign climbers or anti-Trump streakers (where have you been, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy?), but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get wild.