OMG! 8 YouTube Comedians Who Were Accused of Stealing Other People’s Jokes

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Content-stealing is a tricky subject in Tinseltown. Big-time stars are constantly being accused of stealing songs, music video concepts and performance art ideas (ahem — Shia LaBeouf). Even YouTube sweetheart Zoe Sugg A.K.A. Zoella was accused of being a plagiarist because she used a ghostwriter for her first novel and acted as if the words were her own!

A group of entertainers who just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to claims of shamelessly stealing is comedians. Amy Schumer is frequently under fire for ripping off her clever quips (and let’s just face it, the evidence is stacked against her), but she is not the only funny person who has been criticized for having less-than-original jokes. YouTubers are put under an immense of pressure having to think up creative content on a regular basis for their hundreds of thousands (if not millions) subscribers. In some situations, no matter how great a sense of humor these YT stars have, they seem to resort to using some ~uncredited outside sources~ to get their funny vids up in time. Living in the Internet age, however, they’re lucky if they can get by taking a one-liner from someone else without basically the whole world figuring it out almost immediately.