6 Super-Popular YouTubers Who Tried and Failed to Make it in Hollywood

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For years, YouTube stars were nothing more than that — they were famous only to the people who bothered to watch them online. But in the past few years, a number of YouTube personalities have successfully made the leap from online fame to legit stardom. Tyler Oakley has become a red-carpet regular, interviewing celebs at A-list events like this year’s Grammys. (If you don’t know much about Tyler already, get ready to meet your new obsession.) And let’s not forget that Justin Bieber himself started out as a YouTube performer.

But those are the exceptions, not the rules. Usually, even the most popular YouTubers still aren’t impressive enough to meet Hollywood’s standards. A YouTube star might be one of the most talented singers out there — or a hilarious comic, or an amazing dancer… you get the idea — but ultimately, their fame will most likely stay confined to the Internet. Take a look at these YT icons who waded into Hollywood waters but couldn’t quite stay afloat: