Marijuana-Smoking YouTuber Arrested After Filming Himself Breaking the Law

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YouTubers have done some pretty stupid stuff in the past, but this might just take the cake. Fans knew something was up with Joel Hradecky, who is known on YT for posting videos of himself smoking marijuana (we know — WTF?!) almost daily, after he seemingly disappeared from the Internet. Well, the reason he hasn’t uploaded anything for almost a month is because he’s now facing criminal charges for trespassing on an abandoned bridge. And guess what? It was his own video that led the cops right to him!

Joel aka customgrow420 uploaded a video of himself and three friends taking a trip to the abandoned Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton, WA. The trio filmed themselves smoking weed, walking out on broken steel beams, etc, and posted it all on the channel. Doesn’t seem too bad, right? Tons of people probably go there on the regular. Well, not all of ’em film their actions and post them to YouTube, apparently, ’cause cops are now using the video for legal purposes. According to TMZ, the social media guy was knowingly breaking the law, because there were tons of “no trespassing” signs posted in the area.

But even after Fish and Wildlife officials reviewed the vid and determined that he was, in fact, doing something illegal, law enforcement still had to find him. Lucky for them, Joel’s car and license plate number was visibly displayed in the video, too. We have a real winner here, guys!

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