Yikes — YouTube Star KSI is Getting Deported from the United States

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YouTube star Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI, starred in a movie called Laid in America with Caspar Lee, but unfortunately he won’t be able to stay in America for much longer. The 24-year-old announced yesterday that he’s unfortunately being deported from the United States and therefore has to return to England, where he was born.

He explained, “So, I’m getting deported; technically I’m getting deported. Essentially, I need to go back to England for personal and actual reasons.”

While the YouTuber said he had to leave Los Angeles because of “personal and actual reasons,” he didn’t go into more details.

“I won’t be telling you the reasons because I feel like I don’t need to, and hopefully you guys can respect that,” he said.

JJ briefly joked about how his “L.A. fiasco is over,” but couldn’t hide his real emotions — he’s mad as heck!

“I’m actually f*cking pissed,” he continued. “I love it here. I just feel at home, man. So, legit, when I get back to England, I’m gonna work on getting a visa so I can actually manage to live in America.”

It was that last sentence that got people thinking that a visa is the reason why he’s being deported.

Here’s the comedian’s full video in which he announces his departure from the U.S.:

This isn’t the first time a celebrity was forbidden to be in a country. Miley Cyrus was banned from China after she mocked Asian people in a picture, and Selena Gomez and Katy Perry also can’t enter the country.

We have no idea when KSI will be returning to the UK, but we’re assuming it’ll happen sooner rather than later. Hopefully he’ll be able to get back to California to continue his thriving career as one of YT’s top creators.