So Sad — Pregnant YouTube Star Found Dead From Apparent Drug Overdose

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Death is always a hard subject to swallow, but this particular situation is beyond heartbreaking. Sharissa Turk, a woman who became known for portraying a ‘drug fairy’ in White Trash Clan’s viral “My World Is Blue” music video, was found dead yesterday of a suspected overdose. To make matters even more tragic, New York Daily News reports that she was also eight months pregnant at the time of her death.

The 25-year-old woman was found unconscious by her boyfriend, who then called 911 in attempts of reviving her. Staten Island, NY, police say a drug overdose is likely to be the reason for her passing, but right now the exact cause of death is still not known.

This news is particularly disturbing, as the 2012 video Sharissa became known for was all about the oxycodone epidemic in Staten Island. But while authorities said the vid glorified prescription drug use, the song’s producer said they had it all wrong. “We’re not glorifying pill use, we’re showing that you’ll literally end up in jail, the f*cking gutter, or worse,” he explained. About a year later, however, the New Yorker was one of 32 people arrested for selling oxycodone to an undercover police officer three separate times.

Sharissa is the second person from that YouTube hit to die from drug-related causes. 32-year-old Gerard Kelly passed away back in August 2015 from problems linked to “probable acute drug intoxication.”

Drugs are a scary, scary thing. Our hearts go out to Sharissa’s friends and family at this incredibly difficult time.

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