6 YouTube Couples Who Filmed Videos Together After Breaking Up

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YouTube stars may try to maintain some sense of privacy, but in the end it’s hard for people not to know what’s going on in their life offline. Between social media and daily vlogs, Youtubers just put everything out there, ya know? So when two YT celebrities start dating, their fans become super invested almost immediately. And, in turn, if the pair decides to eventually split, the heartbreak runs deeper than just for the individuals involved.

If you’re a fan of content creators, you’re well aware that even though two people break up it doesn’t always mean they’ll never speak again. In fact, doing collaborations with an ex has become a new trend online; Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett even kissed and cuddled on camera following their separation! So whether YouTube exes decide to film a video to announce their breakup, or use their split for some awkward humor, quite of few of ’em have put their differences aside and record quality content for their loyal viewers.