Say it Ain’t So! One of Your Favorite Gay YouTube Couples Has Called it Quits

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Our hearts absolutely broke when Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart announced they had broken up a couple of months ago, and now we’re feeling that same pain once again. Sadly, Shannon Beveridge and Camden Scott from the YouTube channel nowthisisliving have unfortunately joined Hangrid and are no longer together.

The 25 year old announced the split on her Twitter page on Wednesday night, much to fans’ shock and heartbreak.

Cammie’s 24-year-old ex-girlfriend confirmed the news of the breakup on her on Twitter page a few minutes later.

Shannon and Cammie have been making YouTube videos together for about a year, but were dating since November 2012. Neither girl give details regarding the reason for the sudden separation, but the blonde did post a cryptic note just a day before making the announcement.

But despite their heartbreak, both women are trying to remain positive and reassure their fans that things will be okay, even though no one’s certain how their YT channel will proceed from hereon out.

We wish both Shannon and Cammie the best in the future and hope that they can still remain friends.


We’re not sure if Shannon and Cammie will film a YT video together in the future, but these former couples did, even after breaking up: