YouTuber Violated by Airport Security in “Embarrassing” Anti-Religious Act

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YouTube stars do a lot of dumb-a** things, and we always call them out for it. But sometimes, a YouTuber gets involved in a situation where the other party is SO wrong that it’s almost painful to witness. Enter: Canadian comedian Jasmeet Singh aka JusReign.

It all started when the YT star traveled to San Francisco for a show. After a successful performance in Berkeley, Jasmeet went to the airport to go home and unfortunately ran into a problem. As he was trying to get through security, TSA officials told him that he would have to remove his turban otherwise he’d miss his flight.

Although Jasmeet was annoyed at the inconvenience, he he understood their request and “followed protocol so they could feel ‘safe;'” this is where the real issue began. The Sikh man asked for a mirror so he could properly tie his turban again, but the officers said they didn’t have one and told him to walk through the airport without his religious garment.

The funny man told Vice that asking him to walk through the terminal without his turban, which has a “huge cultural significance” to him, was extremely wrong.

“It represents dignity and courage,” he said. He also added that asking him to take it off is on the “same level of humiliation and embarrassment” as asking someone to take off their underwear.

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