7 Beauty Gurus Who Have an Unexpected Job Outside of YouTube

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While YouTube started out as a hobby for most, it’s turned into a successful career for tons of people — Jaclyn Hill has her own makeup line, Tyler Oakley is a best-selling author, and the Smosh boys starred in two movies. Even though these people do incredible things outside of making videos, they’d most likely say YT is their full-time job. This is not the case for all YouTubers, however.

Lisa Eldrige is one of the most successful beauty gurus out there, but she’s a full-time makeup artist in her ‘real life,’ which probably explains why her tutorials are some of the best out there. A beauty guru who will works as a MUA? Not that surprising, NGL. A beauty guru who works full time as an anesthesiologist, however…WAY more unexpected. Click below to see which other BGs have surprising jobs in addition to making videos on YouTube!