8 Super-Popular YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Can No Longer Be Trusted

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When beauty gurus like Ingrid Nilsen and Blair Fowler started making videos on YouTube YEARS ago, they had no idea what was in store for the future. While the video site is now a platform that allows creators to star on television shows, create their own makeup lines, etc., it was once simply a place for people to go to express their creativity, and gaining followers was just an added bonus.

Now, however, YouTubers have the power to influence millions of people by posting just one tweet, video, etc., and brands are fully aware of this ability. There’s a fine line between collaborating with companies that you genuinely love and forcing something onto viewers simply because you’re making a good chunk of cash. And guess what? Fans always know when the line is crossed.

Here’s what people on Reddit said when they were asked the question, “Which beauty bloggers/YouTubers do you avoid because you know them to be biased or sponsored?”