9 of Your Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Have Their Own Makeup Line

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YouTube is currently people’s go-to place when you want to learn a new winged-eyeliner technique, Snapchat filter makeup look, or funky hairstyle. Basically, the video website has totally changed the game for beauty blogging in general. It’s no question that gaining fame on YouTube opens you up to a lot of different opportunities, but unlike some YouTubers who eventually get a role on a TV show, or land a music contract, some beauty gurus were able to achieve the biggest success of the makeup world — their own cosmetics line.

While a lot of YouTubers have partnered with different cosmetic companies to release a special product or two, these 9 stars in particular actually released full lines with an assortment of merchandise. Since you’ve already watched their hundreds of makeup tutorials, you know these stylists know their ish, making these products the perfect additions to toss on your Christmas wishlist.