6 Stunning YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Shut Fat-Shamers the Eff Down

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These days, the idea of a size-zero body being ideal is getting vanquished by countless celebrities, publications, and social media stars. Being healthy is the new skinny, and the body-positivity movement promotes embracing yourself and your curves. After all, no one looks like the Photoshopped celebs they see in magazines, on Instagram, etc., IRL, nor should they expect themselves to.

But just because people are slowly but surely getting more and more comfortable in their skin doesn’t people there aren’t still haters online from lashing out against those who are NOT stick-thin. We love how plus-size and curvy YouTube vloggers are taking advantage of their platforms to not only give us killer beauty and style tips, but also take down critics who try and make them, and their viewers, feel ashamed of their bodies. It’s thanks to some of our faves that fans are reminded healthy body image isn’t about how you look, but how you feel about yourself.