6 of Your Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Changed for the Worse

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If you go back and watch any big-name beauty guru’s first video on YouTube, you’ll probably be in for a shock. Not only does the YouTuber in question probably look way different, but he/she most likely acts like another person, too. This is not always a bad thing, though. Zoe Sugg, for example, says she acts differently on camera now because she no longer suffers from debilitating anxiety. Change is a part of growing up, people.

Even though many beauty vloggers have been making videos for years now and grew up in front of their audiences (which explains some changes, TBH), some viewers simply can’t stomach the modifications…especially when they feel the Internet star changed in a negative way. In fact, there’s a whole Reddit thread that asked people to name the “YouTube beauty gurus who changed for the worse.”