13 YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Spoke Out About Their Struggle With Anxiety

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Although YouTubers make a living by acting bright and bubbly in front of a camera for millions to judge, not all of them are quite as happy on the inside as they appear in their videos. Like more mainstream celebrities Jennifer Lawrence and Ellie Goulding, many of your favorite YouTube beauty gurus also struggle with severe anxiety and have spoken out their battle.

Zoe Sugg has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade and says she “can’t even leave [her] bed” when she feels extremely anxious. Bunny Meyer, a.k.a grav3yardgirl, actually started her YouTube channel as a way to help cope with her mental illness. Nikki Phillippi was actually just recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and even more recently opened up to her subscribers about how she deals. Needless to say, anxiety is no longer a taboo topic, especially in the YT beauty community, because so many people have it and want to know their fans who also struggle aren’t alone.

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