YouTuber Yousef Erakat Entering Rehab for Addiction, Depression, Etc.

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YouTube star Yousef “FouseyTUBE” Erakat has been open about his battle with addiction, bipolar disorder, etc., for years now, but he hasn’t really addressed his issues. The 28-year-old says he has wanted to check into rehab “for years,” but “life moved fast” and he never found time to actually go.

“For years, I told myself it was time to check into a 60-90 day stay in, rehab facility to combat my addiction, depression and boiler [disorder],” he wrote on Twitter last week. “But my life moved fast. and before I knew it I had a new opportunity. Whether it be a movie, brand deal, tour, etc., So I would hold off and say, ‘when I have time.'”

Yousef explains he “tried anything and everything to get better,” including getting rid of his belongings and moving back to the east coast to be with his family, but ultimately could not escape his demons.

The YouTuber decided ultimately that 2018 is the year he is going to get help, once and for all, and that means checking into rehab.

He continues, “Enough is enough. This is the year I take the time, say goodbye to life for a little while and check into rehab. […] It’s time I do this for myself.”

Fousey later took to Twitter again to ask his followers for advice about which rehab facility he should go to and, after receiving tons of advice, announced that he found the right place and is working to “schedule [his] admittance.”

It takes a very brave person to admit that help is needed and actually do something about it. We wish Yousef nothing but the best!