6 of Your Favorite YA Books That Took 5 (or More!) Years to Write

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Even if you are BIG YA book reader, there are a few things you probably don’t know about your favorite stories and authors. For starters, there are a LOT of young adult novels that have been banned from schools, which is IN-sane. Classics like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games were too intense for children, according to some school systems. Like… the movie adaptations are rated PG to PG-13, so get outta here.

While some YA classics were banned, others have been made into TV shows and are kicking serious butt — like the Mortal Instruments television series, Shadowhunters! One the most interesting facts we’ve learned recently is how long it actually took some writers to create these masterpieces. Did you know that there are at least SIX major YA books that took 5 (or more!) years to create?? Crazy, we know. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded them up for you here: