20 of the Youngest Actors Ever to Be Nominated for an Academy Award

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We are gearing up for the 90th Annual Academy Awards and we could not be more excited. This is a seriously stacked season and we wish that everyone could walk away a winner, but, unfortunately, that is not how it works. We can’t believe that the Academy Awards has been around for 90 years and we love seeing where some of the winners are now.

Being honored with a nomination is a huge deal, and it’s even more incredible when the actors make history. No matter the age of the actor, getting an Oscar nom is super impressive, but when a young actor is able to make his or her way into the award show, it’s truly iconic. This season, we’re celebrating Timothée Chalamet because he’s the youngest nominee this season, but there’s been a ton of actors who paved the way for young stars to get their recognition. We rounded up 20 of the youngest Oscar nominees of all time and we’re wondering why our parents didn’t force us into acting when we were younger: