Youngest Victim of Manchester Bombing Laid to Rest 2 Months After Attack

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Most of the people who died in the horrific terrorist attack that happened at Ariana Grande‘s May 22nd concert in Manchester have been laid to rest, but the family of the youngest victim, Saffie Rose Roussos, was waiting for a very important day to come before they held her funeral.

The 8-year-old girl‘s mother, Lisa, was severely injured in the bombing and, up until this point, was too unstable to be released from the hospital. The 48-year-old is now doing very well in her recovery and was discharged from Wythenshawe medical center for the day for her daughter’s funeral. The woman arrived at Manchester Cathedral on July 26, over two months after the attack, with her right arm bandaged and in a sling and her left leg supported by a brace.

Saffie’s father, Andrew Roussos, was one of the men who carried her wicker casket that was covered in pink roses. He made an extremely emotional speech about his daughter during the service and promised to carry out her lifelong dream of becoming famous. He said through tears:

“Beautiful daughter Saffie; what can I say? Stunning young lady. Honored to be her dad. Honored. She was a superstar in the making. I want to stand her as a father and I want to promise something to Saffie — With the help of friends and family and the help of the public, ’cause Saffie’s dream was to become famous, and I want to make her the most famous girl in the world. That’s all I want, because that was Saffie’s dream and she would’ve gone and got it by herself, with just our love and support. And I want…when you Google ‘the most famous girl in the world,’ to be Saffie Rose Roussos.”

The schoolgirl would’ve turned 9 years old on July 4 and was remembered by the “One Last Time” singer both on Instagram and during a concert that evening.

At least she can finally rest in peace.

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