These 7 Victoria’s Secret Models’ First Kisses Were Just as Awkward as Yours!

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tonight! That means you’ll be able to see your favorite supermodels, like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid & Bella Hadid, absolutely DOMINATING the runway right on your television screens. If the pictures that have been taking over the Internet, including all of their social media pages, are any indication, we’re in for an amazing show, as per youge.

It’s hard to believe that with all their fame, money and, obviously, beauty that they can be anything like the rest of us. But, apparently, they can experience one thing similarly: the awkward first kiss.

Some of the most popular Victoria’s Secret models, past and present, confessed their first-smooch stories in the past and, like the rest of us, they were uncomfortable. Well, not all of ’em, but most of ’em. Don’t believe us? Here are seven 20-something VS models’ cringe-worthy (and/or cute) initial lip-lock tales: