6 of Your Favorite Young Stars Who Were Raised by at Least One Queer Parent

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Despite the fact that a 2014 study by Australia’s University of Melbourne found that children raised by LGBT parents were happier and healthier than their peers, some people still feel the need to debate whether same-sex couples are “capable” of raising another human being. Obviously this speculation that, for some reason, queer people would be unfit parents is clearly a concern rooted in homophobia. Other studies have found that more exposure to diversity makes a person less likely to discriminate against someone based upon the qualities that make them different. For example, many people only became aware of transgender issues when celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox took a more active role in Hollywood.

While there are actually a lot of A-list celebs whose parents are queer (like Amy Adams, Robert DeNiro and Liza Minnelli, for example), we decided to narrow the list down to ~young~ stars… because we are TEEN.com, after all! Even if you were raised by a hetero mom and dad, after seeing the way these stars talk about their relationships with their LGBT ‘rents, it’s pretty obvious that every family founded on love and support is pretty similar after all.