8 Young Actors Who Starred in a Movie with His Famous Dad

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Hollywood is the OG family business: a lot of the hot young stars you’ve grown to love are the sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of older celebrities (that your parents and grandparents love!). It’s such a difficult industry to get into, so it helps to have someone on the inside. You know, someone who can vouch for you and your abilities (or, at the very least, your famous last name) — and who better to do that than family?

Some people call it nepotism, but it seems only natural that mega-stars raise other mega-stars. A lot of celebrity family members have vowed NEVER to work together — but a lot see it as an awesome opportunity to make some money, plus work with someone you already know and love! We’ve shown you 10 young females who worked on a movie with her famous mom, so we figured we should give you the male edition, too! Here are eight young actors who starred in a film with his famous father: