12 Hot Guys You Can’t Have Because They’re, Umm… MARRIED

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Running Off the Reese's

Running Off the Reese’s

The guys you’re about to see are some of the absolute hottest we’ve ever featured on Teen.com. And that’s a feat in and of itself. However, there’s one major downside if you’re picturing you’ll somehow end up with any of ’em in real life: They’re all… MARRIED. Merp.

Yes, everyone from Chris Hemsworth to Sam Claflin to freaking Adam Levine tied the knot within the last five years or so, crushing the hearts of fans lusting after ’em. Nevertheless, we’re still gonna continue to look at ’em from afar because we’re still allowed. As a reminder of what you can’t have, here are 12 of the hottest married celebrities (ages 35 and under, since we’re Teen.com and we had to draw the line somewhere):