Throwback! 5 Celebrity Commercials You Didn’t Know Existed

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Although some stars launch their careers thanks to YouTube or The X Factor nowadays (shoutout to Justin Bieber and One Direction!), a lot of celebs actually got their starts in commercials. There’s a good chance you may have even watched these commercials back in the day and not even realized that those kids would turn into some of your faves. From Victoria Justice to Josh Hutcherson, here are five celebrity commercials you didn’t know existed:

1. Taylor Momsen
Who knew sweet, little, innocent Tay could go from this Shake ‘n’ Bake commercial look to this… not so Shake ‘n’ Bake (or innoncent) look?
2. Josh Hutcherson
Are those frosted tips we see?!
3. Kevin Jonas
4. Ashley Tisdale
Abigail Breslin is actually the star of this commercial, but see if you can spot Ash!
5. Victoria Justice
Don’t worry, Vic, we think Ovaltine is amazing, too!
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