13 Struggles Only People Who Are YA Obsessed Will Understand

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Being a YA book lover is a great thing. But if you’re someone who’s totally, 100 percent committed to all things young adult, you know there are some struggles that come along with the territory. For example…

1. You’ve fallen in love with more boys than you can count. From Augustus to Four to Gale to Jace, there’s just so many to choose from! And trust us, your heart has enough room for everyone.

2. This makes you have unrealistic expectations about love IRL. How is a real boy EVER supposed to compare to someone who spends his last wish to make you happy!?

3. You find it very hard to concentrate in school when you’re reading a book. How are you supposed to turn your brain off to the story?!

4. And homework? Forget about it. Book > everything

5. People always judge your reading selections. Just because you choose to read YA doesn’t mean you’re dumb, FYI.

6. Assigned reading is SO much more difficult than before. Bleck — why are school books so boring?

7. Every time one of your faves gets turned into a movie, you internally cringe at first. How will it live up to the book? Will they get the characters right? So. Much. Anxiety!

8. Then you constantly have to deal with people asking if you’ve seen the _____ movie. How about asking me if I’ve READ the book!

9. You’re emotionally invested in fake people’s lives. And you probably care more about them than your own friends and family. The truth hurts.

10. When your book ends, serious depression sets in. There’s no denying this phenomenon and it’s so horrific.

11. You know just how addictive Tumblr can be. Once you get on the book’s tag, it’s all over.

12. Deciding whether to go out with your friends or re-read the book is seriously horrible. It’s like asking to chose your favorite parent.

13. You either quote or make reference to the book multiple times a day. And your friend typically look at you like you’re crazy, but you keep doing it anyway.



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