10 of Your Favorite YA Movie Stars Who Are Just Like Their Characters IRL

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If you fell in love with Ansel Elgort as Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars or Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in The Hunger Games, then we’ve got good news for you. The characters you read about and watched on the big screen actually aren’t too far off from the actors themselves! Yep; all of your dreams have just come true.

Not only do actors and actresses bring our favorite characters to life right before our eyes, but in a lot of ways, they fully embody the roles off screen, too. Despite the casting backlash some of them may have received, or the fact that many of these stars stepped onto the scene as complete unknowns, there’s a reason why they were cast in such MAJOR roles. Sometimes, you just have to trust the experts, ya know? So, while your friends are making fun of you for falling in love with a fictional character, you can show them the list below and prove that your infatuation isn’t that unrealistic.