11 YA Books That Caused So Much Controversy, Schools Banned Them!

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Adults can be so temperamental sometimes, ya know? Like, honestly, dealing with them can really be like walking on eggshells. They should be happy that certain landmark books have sparked a reading bug in tons of teens that might not have been there before, but instead, they find ways to go and ruin it. Typical.

In certain cases, they’ve even been successful in their endeavors to make reading the books most near and dear to our hearts that much more difficult. We get that some of the books listed below handle mature topics and may not be suitable for all age groups, but to go so far as to spearhead movements to pull it from school bookshelves seems a bit drastic, no?

With that said, popular books such as, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have often found themselves on the American Library Association’s Most Banned Books time and time again. Why, you may ask? Find out all the insane reasons below: