8 YA Books That Disturbingly Focus on Incestuous Relationships

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Although everyone has different reading preferences, there are some books that everyone can agree on for being a must-read for summer. Then there are some books that definitely appeal to a certain audience. Not everyone would want to read books so scary that you’ll have nightmares and there are some books that are great for those who are questioning their sexuality. One type of book that most people avoid, though, is one about incest.

The extremely taboo topic, in which two people from the same family are… intimate, can be found in tons of some of the best, and most acclaimed works of YA literature. Sometimes the relationship is deemed shameful by everyone involved and sometimes the characters will do whatever they can to stay together — no matter what, it is still kinda really gross. And we rounded up some of the most popular books that focus on those particular types of relationships: