10 Young Females Who Starred in a Movie with Her Famous Mom

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Mother-daughter relationships can be hard enough — but can you imagine having to work with your mom, too? Some young actresses (and older ones, but we’ll maybe save those for another day) have dared to share the big screen with her famous mother because who better to play a mother-daughter pair than two people who look incredibly alike and do just that every day?

Except, some of these co-stars weren’t even picked to play mothers and daughters. Others had their family members as walk-on roles, or even as a villain and her target. (Can you guess which one that is?) While back in the day it was old-time Hollywood mother-daughter duos, like Judy Garland and Liza Minelli, sharing the screen — we have a new generation of females taking on theaters with their mamas by their sides. A lot of these famous moms even had their now-famous mini-mes in films before they’d reached the star status they have today. Look at 10 young stars (age 30 and under!) who were in movies with their mothers below: