6 Young Females Who Starred in a Movie with Her Famous Dad

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While some of us were reluctantly strapping on our dancing shoes and attending father-daughter dances with our dear ol’ dads, female actresses were spending day after day on set with their papas — getting paid to work with family and shoot awesome movies! Some of these films are awesome coming-of-age flicks and it just makes it all the more endearing to see a dad supporting his kid in her lead part, whereas others are action-packed thrillers or raunchy rom-coms and we’re sure the father-daughter relationship was somewhat tested while playing these difficult roles.

We know there are a ton of young Hollywood up-and-comers who have family in the biz, but it’s pretty cool to know that some of them have the ability to work together, too. Mothers & daughters, fathers & sons and now… father-daughter duos are rocking the screen, side-by-side: